Windows 10 21H1 Version Update – Expected Features and Update

After successfully releasing and fixing bugs of Windows 20H2, Microsoft now plans to start work on Windows 10 21H1 version. The final and ready-to-use 21H1 version of Windows will be expected to be released in the first half of 2021. Do you want to know what features will be added in the 21H1 update? Keep reading.

Windows 10 21h1 version

Usually, Microsoft release two major updates in Windows 10 with most new features coming in spring while the remaining features come in the fall update. But Microsoft might be reversing this tradition. A few days back, Vice President, Program Management Windows Servicing and Delivery, John Cable write a blog in which he briefly discusses the new features of the Windows 10 21H1 version.

From the blog post of John Cable, it is clearly understood that the next focus will be on improving security, improving remote access and quality as he states “Windows 10 21H1 version will have a scoped set of features improving security, remote access, and quality”. Most of the features that are expected to be released in this version will be based on end users’ demand and feedback as Microsoft is trying to fulfill their customers’ needs.

Windows 10 21H1 Version Expected Features

New features of Windows 10 include multiple camera support for Windows Hello, Security, and performance-related improvements.

  • Set external camera as default for Windows Hello. Previously, there was no option to use the external camera for the login option Windows Hello. But in the coming 21H1 update, users can now not only use the external camera for this but can also set the external camera as default for Windows Hello while both internal and external cameras available.
  • Updating performance improvement Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service (GPSVC) for remote-control work scenarios. Based on customers’ demand, Microsoft learned that people are trying to use remote control options during the pandemic. The remote control option allows users to remotely manage someone else’s system using the internet and user widely demand this feature improvement through feedback and Windows finally going to do something as per the user’s demand.
  • Windows Security, Windows Defender, and Windows Threat & Protection will also be seeing an update that will expedite the application guard’s performance. Previously, the Windows Defender Application Guard Office document was causing a delay when opening Windows Defender. Probably, this will be fixed in the coming 21H1 update.

Users who are running Windows 10 2004 version or 20H2 version will see this 21H1 update like a normal feature update and this will not take much time while updating. The new feature update will have a fast installation experience as users already have a previous version. But, users with previous than 2004 or 20H2 version will be same time taking update as they first have to update to the 2004/20H2 version and then Windows 10 21H1 version. Same Windows Update Tools can be used for this update.

Frequently Asked Question

When Windows 11 will be released?

Officially, Windows 10 will roll out two updates in a year so OS users will be getting new features added in Windows 10. There will be no Windows 11 and Microsoft will keep updating Windows 10.

How do I upgrade to Windows 11?

Officials from Microsoft clearly mention that they will not be releasing Windows 11 and Windows 10 will keep getting features added. So, you cannot upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 until Microsoft releases it. However, you can update to Windows 10 21H1 version for free.

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