Download Windows 10 ISO 32-64 Bit Directly from Microsoft

Download Windows 10 ISO Directly from Microsoft Website

Microsoft Windows officially launched its Latest 2020 Windows 2004 version recently and it is also available on the official website. But theirs is a problem. If you try to download it using a Windows Operation system then it will ask you to download and use Windows Media Creation Tool. This is because internet browsers can check your operating system. But, If you keep reading this guide, you’ll learn how to download Windows 10 ISO 2020 latest directly without using any other tool. Microsoft Media Creation Tools are for Windows OS users only. Usually, Browser user agents present a short string to the website that tells which operating system or browser you’re using. If the website feels that your operating system or browser is not compatible, then it will show a different page. We can use this to spoof the website to show directly the download link of Windows 10 ISO. … Read more