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Microsoft Office 2016 is one of the most significant and up-to-date versions of the MS Office. Microsoft Office 2016 is considered the best for all the versions of Windows. Since the MS Office 2016 has the same payment problem, which could be a big issue for needy students, we have decided to show you how to activate your MS Office 2016 for free without any charges. Yes, you heard it! FREE. The KMSpico AutoNet Office 2016 Activator is the answer. Hands down, it is one of the best Office Activators on the Internet. Today’s topic will tell you everything about the KMSPico AutoNet and how to activate your Office 16 through it.

Office 2016 activator

KMSpico AutoNet Office 2016 Activator:

The KMSAuto is one of the most efficient activators ever for MS Office 16. If you want a secure and smooth activation of MS Office 365 (2016 version), then the KMS activator is your thing. Here’s how the KMSpico 2016 works.

Large Corporations and Businesses always have new systems attaching to them. To go big, they need more systems, which means that they need more Office and Windows installed on each computer. Now the registration process is a hefty work to perform on every single machine as it would take lots of time.

So the Microsoft Company launched its KMS system. The Key Management System, as the name suggests, was a system that was responsible for managing specific keys of a particular corporation, which would be supported by its very own KMS server.

It means that instead of putting registration ID and stuff, one has to connect with the KMS server simply, and it will automatically activate your Office and Windows. That is where the MS Office Activator 2016 started its game.

The KMS Office Activator tricks the KMS server to think that a specific system is part of an organization, and therefore it must be granted a full-fledged activation. The MS Office Activator makes a bit changes in your host files in the C drive, and it activates your MS Office 2016 once and for all.

One significant advantage of activation through KMSpico Activator is that it tricks the system into thinking that it is a legal activation. Thus you will receive constant updates from time to time on your MS Office 2016.

The Microsoft Office Activator 2016 is a simple yet efficient tool. It does not have those complicated controls that other activators have to confuse you. No ads are running on the application. It’s Just a plain page that asks you a straightforward question of whether to activate or not.

If you are new to a computer and do know the basic functionalities of a computer, then you will find no issue in installing the Office 2016 activator. Your full-version of Office 16 would be just a click away.

As we have already mentioned that the computer understands that you have registered through proper means, so there is no need to activate it from time to time. Some activators demand regular-interval activation, but that is not the case with your KMSPico AutoNet.

Some students do not have the Internet all the time, and we have been receiving queries about if the Activator will still work if the Internet is unavailable? Yes, the Office Activator 2016 does not need the Internet at all to activate your Office 2016. It will just replace some host and registration files from the C drive and complete its job.

The KMSpico AutoNet Office 2016 Activator is tiny software. It doesn’t eat your disk space at all. It hardly consumes 5 to 7 MB. But if you still think it is much, then you can uninstall it after using it. If your Windows is inactive because it is a copy, then you can use the Microsoft Office Activator to activate your Windows too.

The activation duration through MS Office Activator is a life-time. As long as you have the activated Windows and Office in your system, you will get the latest updates and flawless performance. The KMSpico developers have gone the extra mile to keep the Microsoft Office Activator 2016 safe from viruses, malware, and bugs.

How and Where to Download KMSPico AutoNet Activator:

Let us move towards the downloading procedure. Some things need to be taken care of during the process.
Always download your KMS Activator software from a trusted source. Your KMS Office Activator must be from a secure site. An unreliable source can trouble you with lots of malware. If you are unlucky, you can also face ransomware, which is the worst of all.

So be extra cautious in downloading stuff. We always recommend downloading your KMSpico Office 2016 from

This KMSpico website is one of the best you will find on the Internet. It’s safe from all the viruses. A team of experts has put this site in high scrutiny to eradicate any potential threat. For added security, there is also a password set up to the Office Activator’s compressed file.

Why do we need the newer Microsoft Office 2016?

The MS Office 2016 was a significant leap in the Office Series. Many new features were added, which enhanced the user-experience to the utmost levels. Here are some of the features that we saw in the MS Word 2016.
First of all, the new MS Office 16 offered to co-author. It means that more than one person can edit the same document at the same time through different devices. It also enabled the user to see what changes the other party is doing on the same report.

You can also share screens on Skype with Office 16. You can go to Live meeting sessions, present your presentation in High-Definition quality. More than two persons can present the same document of Word 2016 simultaneously, which is a relief in virtual meetings.

You can upload your work to the OneDrive as well. Better layout and charts are available to use in the 2016th version of MS Office. You can even connect your Office to your mobile and use the document there.

KMSPico Office 2016 Activator features:

Some features of Microsoft Office Activator 2016 are as follows:

Supports all of Office/Windows versions:

The KMSpico Office 2016 is a marvelous tool to activate Office 2016. What impresses most about the KMS Office Activator is its versatility. You would hardly find any other Activator that can activate different versions of the MS Office, so here the KMSpico Download takes the advantage. You can also activate your Windows with the help of this simple tool.

100% Valid:

When you search for activators on the Internet, you will get confused. Most of them follow algorithms that go way beyond your imagination. They can put you and your system as a risk. Try to go for simpler activators like the Office 2016 activator. The authentication happens through a valid KMS server connection.


The interface of the MS Office Activator 2016 is simple in such a way that everyone can easily understand. After the installation process, you would see easy options. A big red button may also appear that indicates the activation button.

Runs smoothly with 32-bit and 64-bit:

Most of the MS office activators are not compatible with either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of Windows. That is why the KMSpico Activator can run on both of these versions error-free. It also works great on an 86-bit Windows.

Free Free Free:

As we already said, this Activator is free of cost. Some activators trick you into buying a premium version of their software to activate your MS Office. They enable it for some time, and then they ask you again to pay for the premium version. Do not fall for that. Choose a free Activator like KMSPico AutoNet Activator.

One-click activation:

If you have installed the KMS Activator Office 2016, you have chosen the most accessible tool to activate Office 2016. Just a click on the activate button, a little wait for some seconds, and a life-time full version of Office 2016.

No virus:

Although it may seem like a potential malware at the start because your Antivirus will take action against it and consider it a virus but it is due to the hack tool used in the software to activate Office 2016. The MS Office Activator 2016 is a virus and malware-free tool, so you do not have to panic. Also, we recommend you downloading the software from as this website is free of viruses and protects the user.

Supports all Windows OS:

The KMSpico Office 2016 supports almost all the MS Windows versions. Here is the list where you can operate the MS Office Activator successfully:

  • Windows Server (v2008, 2013, 2016)
  • Windows 7 (Home, Ultimate, Enterprise)
  • Windows 8-8.1 (Home, Ultimate, Enterprise, Pro)
  • Windows 10 (Home, Ultimate, Enterprise, Pro)
  • MS Office (2007, 2010, 2013, and 2019)

Occupies low storage space:

The Microsoft Office Activator is compact. It will occupy lesser space. You can uninstall it later on.

KMSpico AutoNet Download and Activation – User Guide


  • Download the KMSpico Office Activator 2016 by clicking the button below
  • When the download gets complete, go to the Windows Defender.
  • Turn off your Windows Defender. If you have an anti-virus disable it too
  • Extract the file of the Activator.
  • When you find the .exe file right-click on it and run it as administrator.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, proceed to the main page.
  • You will see a big button, click on it to activate Office 2016.
  • It will take a short time, just a few seconds, and you will see the successful activation message.
  • Click exit and uninstall the software if you want to.
  • You can now turn on your Windows Defender.
  • Enjoy your MS Office 2016.


Is KMSpico AutoNet Activator dangerous?

Though the tool is unsafe because it can be spot on many websites, downloading it from an authentic source would do your computer no harm.

How to download KMSpico AutoNet Office 2016 Activator?

Click on the KMSpico download button (you will be re-directed to download page)
When you see the download button, click on it.
After a few seconds, you will see a .zip file being downloaded.

Is KMSpico AutoNet Office 2016 Activator legit?

The tool is unauthorized by Microsoft, so in terms of legitimacy, it is illegal.

Is Kmspico AutoNet Permanent?

Yes, the activation through Kmspico is permanent. Just download, and activate your office 2016 for lifetime.

Is KMSPico AutoNet Activator info safe?

The Activator does not contain any type of virus that can damage your computer. It can be vulnerable to bugs and malware in specific sites. That is why we recommend you to download it from an authentic website like

What is the best Office 2016 activator?

Though you may come across many activators on the Internet, KMSpico is the best you can find. It is fast, simple, and secure.

Final Words:

So that is all from our side. We hope that you have understood all about the KMS Activation of MS Office 2016. If you have any queries, leave a comment below.

Application Name: KMSAuto Net
Operating System: Windows 10
Category: Software Application
Rating: 4.2
Price: 1.00
Currency: USD

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