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If you are a student and using Windows 10,  You might need Windows 10 activator as we already know that there is no way one can afford to buy all the necessary software. The most commonly used are Windows OS and Microsoft Office applications. An average student is unable to afford to pay for a genuine version of Windows or Microsoft Office. The solution to this problem is simple.

The Win 10 activator is one of the best and easiest ways to activate Windows. Let us give you a more detailed insight into the Windows 10 activator reloader and how to install it and activate your Windows and Office through it.

Software Information:

Reloader Portable Windows Activator

Software NameWindows Reloader
Operating SystemWindows 10, 8, 7
File Size2.0 MB




Windows 10 Activator Reloader

Windows 10 Activator Reloader is one of the most accessible and most efficient Windows activators one could find on the Internet.

What intrigues the user about the software is its user-friendly interface, which is easy for even beginners to operate. In addition to that, it is entirely automatic. You just have to press the button and let the software do its job.

Windows 10 Activator - Reloader

This Windows Activator does not require an Internet connection if we talk about internet requirements. You can simply download the software and use it anytime. Moreover, Reloader is safe to use. It will not harm your system.
The process of installation is quite simple. It merely replaces the Windows registry files to that of its data. The Windows will then function on those registry files, and it will assume that those are the original registry files. The registry files will contain a licensed Windows activation key, and in turn, your Windows will be activated till the end of time.

As mentioned earlier, the software uses an authentic Windows activation key so your Windows will become just like the original version of Windows, and you can enjoy all of the features, new updates, and better security.

When you browse the Internet to search for Reloader, you will find many sites claiming to have a malware-free and trusted activator. You need to be extra cautious about such websites as there may be malware or ransomware attached to those files which can potentially harm your system. That is why you must use an authentic site like, the site is one of the best regarding software like Windows Activators, and there is no virus attached to them.

Why do we need to Activate Windows?

Microsoft Windows is the most widely used Operating System for computers. From its very beginning, there is a payment procedure that you have to follow to gain access to all of the services of Windows.

Here’s what happens when you install a copy of Windows. The inactivated Windows provides you all the latest features and updates for 30 days. When 30 days pass, you will receive a message displayed on your screen’s bottom right, which will ask you to activate your Windows to use all the features.

You will not be able to change your lock screen features. Some of these features include lock screen wallpaper, colors, and themes, lock screen login picture, etc. Now, this may not bug most people, and they can be okay with it, but for some people, it’s embarrassing to continually see the “Activate Windows” displayed on your screen. This pop-up will only go away when you activate your Windows.

In addition to that, one thing that the inactivated version of Windows is missing the security updates. Microsoft periodically updates its Windows security features by downloading new definitions of their virus protection software. The registered version of Microsoft has the latest security updates, which save the system from a potential threat of virus, but the inactivated version can be vulnerable to such threats.

To prevent all of these unpleasant things from happening, you have to buy the licensed Microsoft Windows that would cost you some good bucks. Would you like it if you get access to software that will activate your Windows for free? Not only this, but it will activate other versions of the Windows and Microsoft Office as well.

If your Windows is not active, then all you need to do is use the fantastic Windows 10 Activator Reloader.

How does the Reloader Windows Activator work?

Let’s have a brief overview of the Windows Activator Reloader. Let’s take a look and see how it works before installing the software.

Microsoft Windows has a unique registry file system inside the C drive. These registry files store the data regarding the registration of your Windows OS. What happens is that after the 30 days trial, the Windows OS requires a new set of registered registry files to provide all the features of the Windows. These files come when you buy your Windows by putting a new Activation Key.

The Windows 10 Activator Reloader simply replaces those registry files with its own generated registry files in the C drive. This procedure fools the OS to believe that the registry files are authentic, and thus in return, the Windows OS activates to its fullest. It will enable you to download all the latest features, security updates, personalization, and customization of themes and backgrounds.

Windows 10 Activator Reloader features:

Here are some of the features of the Windows 10 Activator Reloader that you need to know.

Provides Activation to MS Windows and Office Microsoft Windows, as we already mentioned, is one of the most commonly used operating systems across the globe. MS Office has revolutionized the corporate sector as well. These two software are the most significant needs of everyday work life. The only drawback of these is the affordability, which is no longer an issue thanks to the Windows 10 Activator Reloader.

The Authentication is Genuine

The Windows 10 Activator Reloader provides you a full-fledged authentication. This activator is the most reliable, unlike other activators that need periodic updates and sends bugs to your computer system. Moreover, there is no room for error due to a smooth and straightforward procedure of replacing the registry files. Microsoft cannot ban the MAC address of your computer, which sometimes happens when you try to register it with fraudulent means because the Windows 10 Activator Reloader does not change any data except for a small number of files.

Supports both the 32 and 64 versions

Some windows activators aren’t compatible with either the 32-bit or the 64-bit version of windows, but luckily, this is not the case with the Windows 10 Activator Reloader. It can activate any windows regardless of their versions, which makes it the best.

Supports all Editions of Windows

The Windows 10 Activator Reloader is not limited to the activation of Windows 10 only. It can activate other versions of Windows and MS Office as well. Let us have a look at some of the versions it supports.

  • Windows 10 (Home, Mobile, Pro, Enterprise)
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 (Home Pro, Ultimate, Enterprise)
  • Windows 7 (Home, Ultimate, Enterprise)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Server, 2016, 2012, 2008
  • MS Office 2019, 2016, 2013, 2007

Lifetime Activation

Unlike other activators that needs time to time up gradation and activation, the Windows 10 Activator Reloader is hassle-free. You just need to activate it once, and the Windows are yours for the rest of the time.

Free Software

One of the most striking features of the Windows 10 Activator Reloader is that it is free of cost. That means that you don’t have to pay for any amount of money to buy this software. Some software has a trial version, and after that, they start charging you, but that is not the case with Windows 10 Activator Reloader.

Malware Free

Who does not wish for software that is free from all sorts of viruses and malware? Many times people are looted by such software that harms their laptops. But if you are using software from an authentic source such as, then there is no need to worry as the software here is all secured. The software here is tested thoroughly before putting it on to the site to protect the users.


You don’t need to have lots of skills to operate this software. Just necessary know-how of computer use and software installation will help you through the process. The interface is simple, with no complicated options. You are only asked which software to choose, and by pressing the activate button, that software gets activated.
You just need to make sure that your Windows defender is inactive as it can cause hurdles in installing the software.

Light on the space

One major noticeable feature of the Windows 10 Activator Reloader is its compact size. Not all the laptops can support heavy software; that is why this activator is small and won’t affect your storage space.

Internet is not required

Just download the file from the Internet and use it whenever you want to. You do not need an internet connection to make this software work.

Download and activate using Windows 10 Activator Reloader ¬– User Guide


Let’s demonstrate the step to step procedure of using the Windows 10 Activator Reloader

  • Download the Windows 10 Activator Reloader by clicking the button above.
  • When the download is complete, open the Windows Defender.
  • Disable your Windows Defender or any Anti-virus that is on your computer.
  • Extract the Windows 10 Activator Reloader through Winrar.
  • Right-click on Windows 10 Activator Reloader and select “Run as Administrator.”
  • Accept the terms and conditions of the Windows 10 Activator Reloader.
  • A box will appear with options asking you to choose the required software to activate.
  • Click on the “Windows” option to activate your Windows. Click on the Activate button then. Your Windows will activate.
  • Try the same procedure if you want to activate your MS Office as well.
  • Exit the software and check your Windows Activation details and Office to confirm the activation.
  • If yes, then congrats. Now you can uninstall the Windows 10 Activator Reloader if you want to.
  • Do not forget to turn on your Windows Defender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my privacy safe with this tool?

Yes, the Windows 10 Activator Reloader does not require or retrieve and personal Information of yours in the system. It is verified, safe, and secure.

Is there a password required to unzip the .exe file of Windows 10 Activator Reloader?

Yes, there is a password required, which will be given along with the software, so don’t worry. Just put it and enjoy it.
Do I have to reactivate my Windows again and again?

No, the Windows 10 Activator Reloader is one-timer software that will register and activate your Windows forever.

Can this Reloader Activator work for Windows 7?

Yes, This windows activator can activate Windows 7 as well as all other Microsoft products. Just download and try is yourself. This is not a virus or prank.

Can I activate MS Office 2016 with this activator?

Yes, Reloader activator can perform activation for almost all Microsoft products including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, MS Office 2013, MS Office 2016, MS Office 2019, and Windows Servers too.

Final Words

The main aim of the Windows 10 Activator Reloader is to provide relief to your pockets. An average student direly needs it. Though we always encourage buying the Original Windows License if you can. If you cannot afford it by any means, then you should give this tool a try.
We hope that we have got you all covered regarding the installation and activation processes. If you still have any queries, then feel free to contact us anytime. You can comment on your questions in the comment box given below, and we will answer you swiftly.


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